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"I go back a very long time with Big Hug. To whatever extent you may consider an association with them or any endeavor they are involved with, I want you to know that you would be dealing with complete professional that always deliver! Whether it is Writing & Performing or Ad/Marketing, you will be delighted. Simply put, if they says it’s going to rain, you best bring an umbrella."

    Ave Butensky, Former President, Viacom & President, Television Bureau of Advertising - TVB


"Every once in a while, you meet people that is bigger than life. The team at Big Hug can fill a room with their enthusiasm and passion for what they do. These guys personify what's right in this world. Honest, hardworking, creative and always filled with what is possible. And to top it off, they are pretty darn funny, especially for guys from New York. Now if I can just figure out how to get them to move to Texas..." 

    Ken Schaefer, President, Schaefer Advertising Co., Dallas, TX, USA

“Resourcefulness + Business Saavy = Big Hug Productions have been my "go to" guys for many years.”   

   Pat Battistini, President Hoosier Daddy Fils & Director of the All Sports LA Film Festival

“Adam and Buddy are funny entertainers that can do solid business and they are easy to work with. If you work with people in entertainment you know how rare this combination can be. Hire them! They will make you happy not crazy.”  

   Les McGehee, Big Cheese at Intergalactic Pipeline and National Comedy Theater


“The folks of Big Hug are the ideal collaborators, creative, funny (and serious at the same time). They always delivers above and beyond. If you're looking for experts, Big Hug is your choice."

   Barry Schwartz, Schwartz Public Relations & Communications

"Big Hug has been helping to make our Job Easier. When we need to fill time with a short segment, they always have the ability to provide us with a feel good, spotlight or consumer advocate story.

   Greg Franchuk, News Director, FOX 5 NY

“Big Hug is one of the most amazing creative teams I know. Wonderful consultanting and confidently wonderful writers/producers. They are talented professionals with big hearts larger than you could imagine, As Coaches, they can analyze, identify and help to you see the things most people miss. They are not only smart they are intuitive, kind and two of the funniest people I have ever encountered. I respect them in every sense of the word RESPECT. Once you engage them, you will see what I mean.”

   Karen Vitale, Executive Producer, BXB Enterprise Media


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Everybody Loves a Big Hug!

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