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Big Hug Creative and Big Hug Productions was founded in 2006. BIG HUG as a one stop, full service production, creative development consulting and molder of intellectual We take ideas, bring them to life and turn them into tangible assets that make money for others... and ourselves. Whether it be a television series, live event, advertising or marketing campaign, multimedia project, keynote, interactive workshop or script Rx consultation, BIG HUG has a proven track record of producing award-winning results and helping some of the biggest clients in the industry capitalize on their valuable assets, concepts and IP's.

What we do

We help others turn rough ideas, creativity and lifetime dreams into reality. Turning an idea into a sellable final product is no easy task. You have to have vision, drive, knowledge, experience, resources, flexibility and perseverance. We only have the vision part…Okay, just kidding. We are just making sure you are still reading. Simply put, we create and sell our own newsworthy content, Intellectual Properties and assist others with theirs.


We’ve created news segments for FOX, CBS, NBC, WB, ABC. Developed and produced shows for Kingworld, A&E, Teletoon, CBC, Comedy Central and many more! But whatever we do, we will only do because we feel it will work and another major factor...we must LOVE it.

All projects are labors of love. If you have an idea you would like to explore with us, we will gladly take your call and discuss your project. It is important for us to make sure that in the end, our clients must always walk away with a smile on their face. Therefore, we only work with those ideal clients that fit within our velvet rope policy. Our clients must reflect our passion and enthusiasm for what we do. If we do not love the idea we will not waste your time by taking on any project that does not hit the target and stir our passion.

As famed transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau said “To do anything by which you have earned money merely is to have been truly idle or worse” We could not agree more with that stinky broke genius. The quality of our work is in the passion…and if we don’t have passion…then it takes away from our quality. So we believe it is in our mutual best to pass on projects we don’t adore. … um….ah…unless it’s a…huge crapload of money then we’ll do the most immoral junk you’ve ever seen! 


We have handled diverse projects such as: writing and development for pre school & teen comedies, true-life reality based programming, developed animated comedy programs for adults and children, created special multimedia projects, news content, advertising/marketing campaigns, etc. We've written and produced television shows, full length screenplays, and so much more!

We will commit our all to give your project a huge...much needed...BIG HUG.

Some of our work

About us

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