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Case Studies

Below are just a few projects we have successfully completed. We show the initial client need and the Big Hug solution.. If these samples do not serve as an example of what your current needs require. Lets discuss a suitible solution.

Everybody Loves a Big Hug!

Rainbow, Loreto Italy:Wanting to launch a new spin off show from their internationall hit animation series WINX CLUB, Rainbow came to us to develop the english speaking humor and culture. We consulted on the direction and developed storylines, character development and eventually wrote the pilot episode and most of the first season of the "PopPixie" series.

Strika Entertainment, Cape Town, South Africa: This successful comic book publisher initially came to Big Hug when they were looking to turn a sponsor based weekly comic series into an animated cartoon series for international distribution. Big Hug helped to develop the characters, storylines and wrote the pilot episode and 16 of the 22 episodes.

Little Screen Big Screen Productions, Sydney Austrailia: When the creator of a fantastic concept for an edgy new feature film wanted to transform this fun concept from a idea in outline form into a full length screenplay. Initially, Big Hug was brought into the project as a consultant and eventually co-developed and co-wrote the screenplay. Production is planned for early 2017.

Fatkat Animation, Mirimichi, Canada: Fatkat partnered with Big Hug in 2006 and together we developed many projects. for more than half a decade. From writing to concept development and from web based and advertising based projects the relationship saw great success. Although Fatkat closed its doors, our "Go Space Knights" project is currently in development for distribution.

Keyframe Digital, Ontario, Canada: After meeting at an int'l animation festival, Big Hug was hired on in a consulting capacity. In time we helped to develop a series showcasing the life of an imaginative little girl who lives in New Foundland. Big Hug developed the concept, characters and the pitch Pack content.

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